Licensing Opportunity

Interested in doing business with Ultraman?
Taigaco Sdn. Bhd. is the exclusive merchandising and licensing rights holder for Eiji Tsuburaya's 1966 Ultraman for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines & Brunei.

MINI ULTRAMAN CAMPAIGN for your business.

Here's your chance to work with
Japan's biggest brand.


Children and adults love Ultraman. You can produce Ultraman’s plushies, clay dolls, figurines and more when your partner or collaborate with us. The licensing opportunities are endless with Taigaco.


Imagine having Ultraman’s apparel for your clothing business. You can start designing Ultraman’s onesies to children’s clothing, hoodies, and jackets when you collaborate with us.

Fashion Accessories

We make it iconic for Ultraman through fashion. You can produce Ultraman necklaces, sunglasses, watches, shoes, and more. What’s trending? You decide.


Ultraman understands that stationery means a lot to children. Ultraman stationery items can appeal to their hearts with your beautifully designed notebooks, pencils, rulers, compass, and more. Collaborate with us today to learn more.

Phone Accessories

It’s time to say goodbye to plain phone covers. With Ultraman, it stands out. You can produce Ultraman phone cases, Bluetooth earphones, USB cables and even a customized Ultraman accessory that you have in mind. What are you waiting for?

Home Accessories

What is the perfect way to show children they have Ultraman as their superhero? Ultraman protects them even when they’re sleeping. Need ideas? What about Ultraman pillows, blankets, quilts, and cool posters? Collaborate or partner with us for licensing opportunities.

Health & Beauty

Your healthy & beauty business is important to your customers. Collaborate with us to offer your customers an iconic collaboration when you design Ultraman toothbrush, toothpaste, traveling pouch and more.

Food & Beverages

Everyone loves a treat. Soft drinks, snacks, juice, and more. Your customers will be excited to try Ultraman’s food & beverages. We can start customizing ideas just for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


We believe in giving children a chance to enjoy being kids because they deserve it. Do you? Imagine producing Ultraman storybooks, coloring books, kids’ magazines, and more. Exciting opportunities await you!


Are you keen to produce an Ultraman content program through videos, music, or a movie? Because, you can, and we can help you to make it happen. For more info, get in touch with us today.

Games & Apps

Everyone loves an adventure. Imagine reliving Ultraman through console games, mobile games, VR games, photo app filters, and more? It’s going to be epic and legendary.

Themed Food & Beverages

Have you always wondered what your café, restaurant, or even a pop-up store will be? Ultraman might just be the answer to solving your doubts. There’s nothing quite like it and you might be the first one to start something as iconic as Ultraman. Contact us today for more info.

Themed Hotels

We have hotels almost everywhere, but have you ever seen an iconic hero themed Ultraman hotel before? You might just be the first to start a themed Ultraman hotel. Speak to us today for more licensing opportunities.

Live Shows

We look forward to having you collaborate or partner with us through your very own Ultraman musical, orchestra, or theater show. Got an idea? Don’t hesitate to share with us. We believe it’s a team effort!


Are you looking into festive events or roadshows to further elevate your brand? Collaborate or partner with us today to have your own Ultraman on board to make it a wonderful experience for your business.

Co-branding & Collabs

Cross promotion is important for every business to succeed. Whether you’re thinking brand collaboration, character collaboration, or limited-edition merchandise, we’ve got you covered.


Dream big or go home. If you’re ambitious just like us, we welcome you to collaborate or partner with us to have your very own Ultraman live show, dance performance, museum or even a theme park!

Marketing Collaborations

We believe your brand can thrive for greater success. Example, you can have Ultraman meet-and-greet event, photo booth, social media, and promotional event, even what’s impossible can be possible to achieve.


Ultraman’s in for a good and positive cause. Ultraman can help create a wonderful photo taking opportunity for all to participate example in schools, charity campaigns, and more in support of the right cause for you. For more details, contact us today.